Arachova is built in the southern ridges of Parnassos, at an altitude of 980 meters and abstains from Athens 160 km. A village with a cosmopolitan aura, synonym of night life, good food and accommodation where you must visit at least once in your life. Next to the Parnassos ski center - the largest ski center in Greece - and surrounded by a rare natural beauty, cultural heritage and historical references, Arachova invites you to discover all the things that make it a popular destination 12 months a year.


- Parnassos Ski Center -


Parnassos Ski Center is the largest ski resort in Greece and is situated between the two highest peaks of Parnassus, Fterolakka and Cellars at an altitude of 1600-2250 meters. Attracts thousands of skiers, while a particularly important advantage is its location in central Greece, at a short distance from Athens, Patras and Lamia. The ski center is located inside the National Park of Parnassos, which is a nature full of grandeur geomorphological formations, waterfalls, springs, gorges and of course the rich and rare flora and fauna. A park where you can visit it in the spring, summer and autumn months, suitable for hiking, climbing and mountain biking.