For those who love hiking, Parnassos is a challenge. Mountain trails, forest roads, cobblestone streets and a host of other routes are available to those who enjoy wandering in the mountains. From all the villages of the wider region start various routes that end up at the top of the mountain or other interesting places, such as archaeological sites, caves and natural beauty sites. Some hundreds kilometers of paths run around the mountain and a good part of them are waymarked under either E4 European Trail or O22 National Trail status, or included in local trail networks. Therefore, depending on your abilities and interests, you can easily select the route you want, as long as you always remember that before you start you need good planning and the necessary equipment!


From Icarus and the magic carpets paragliding. Fly as birds and enjoy the indescribable beauty of looking at the earth from above. Explore the spectacular view of Arachova, the famous Delphic landscape, the olive grove of Amfissa, to the gulf of Itea and Galaxidi. The two-seat flight will give you images of unique beauty and will give you an unforgettable adrenaline experience that you will never forget! For more information:


Meet the magic world of Parnassus through the unique experience of Mountain bike. With a huge variety of footpaths and mountain bike trails, Parnassus is a paradise for mountain biking. Specialized company provides you with services of mountain biking which include:

  • Guiding by graduate mountain biking guide and first aid certification holder
  • Bicycle and bicycle equipment for all MTB (trekking, trail, enduro, downhill)
  • Uplift services, for those who only want to downhill, we provide the possibility of repeatedly transferring their bikes and drivers to the starting point
  • Driving and technical mountain biking instructions for all MTB categories (trail, enduro, downhill), specific technical points and paths.
  • Mountain biking classes for all MTB (trail, enduro, downhill) classes, individually or in groups, to discover its secrets. Tours take place on mapped paths that include paths or forest roads all over Parnassus.



Panigiraki is one of the 100 events in the world that you have to watch even once in your life. It is a festive weekend that takes place in Arahova every year (in the spring) and is dedicated to the patron saint George. However, with the Panigyraki, at the same time Arachova also celebrate the victorious battle against the Turks on 24/11/1826, as well as the memory of G. Karaiskakis. A series of events that organized by local authorities, turn Arachova into the ultimate travel destination.

The visitors of the village participate and experience morals and customs, whose roots have been lost over the years. Some of them are the dance of the elders (locals dressed in traditional costumes), the uphill road of men (young and old in the battleground of Karaiskakis with local costume), "Fair of the Feast", is in fact an authentic Arahovian feast in courtyard of the church of St. George with food, drink and traditional music, etc. More information:


Run at “Arachova Trail” and explore a mountainous village nestling picturesquely at the foot of Mt. Parnassos. Enjoy the most cosmopolitan winter destination in Greece, a great favorite for passionate ski and mountain activities lovers.

Enjoy a place that combines grandeur with wild scenery, breathtaking views, healthy climate, peculiar architectural homes, nightlife and winter sports. For more information:


Every year in Arahova in the first fortnight of November takes place the celebration start of the winter season. A fact that began in 2014 and was established in the consciousness of visitors as it found the necessary resonance.

During the days of the celebration, various events are taking place, including music-kinetic games, face painting and Shadow Theater for young friends, while for the grown-ups there is the musical part of the feast, traditional dishes and plenty of tsipouro. The purpose of the celebration is to show Arachova its capabilities as a 4 season destination